Student Chaperone Services

Student Chaperone Chauffeur Services, Gloucestershire

Student Chaperone Services

Providing a student chaperone service is more than just a job for us at Green Chauffeur Services, it's a privilege. To be responsible for schoolchildren and students alike and ensuring their safety is something we are proud to offer. We have taken great measures to make sure the safety, and travel, of your children and students are always taken care of. We offer our services from Gloucester and throughout Gloucestershire and beyond.

Boarding School Drivers

Not only will we provide student chaperone services and boarding school drivers locally, but we will also chaperone foreign exchange students to and from the airport and boarding school as well. We understand that organising this kind of transportation can be challenging for you, so we like to think this service helps takes away some of the stress.

More Services That We Offer

- All flights will be tracked by checking mobile apps so we are aware of your student's early or delayed flights
- We will remain in the airport to help your student check in to ensure no issues arise
- Full Wi-Fi in vehicle for the students to complete work
- We will confirm safe arrival to the parent, guardian or house staff via a preferred method of contact
- We can offer transportation for up to 7 pupils
- DBS and driving licenses available on request

Student chaperone services in UK including Bristol, Birmingham, Swindon, Gloucester, Gloucestershire and South West.